Karen Van Den Heuvel’s diverse experiences as an attorney, certified civil mediator, Registered Dietitian, teacher, speaker, freelance writer, and published author with more than 20 years experience in the corporate, government, and private sectors have fueled her desire to assist people live fuller, richer lives. She intends to help people add spice to their lives whether it’s through her romantic suspense novels or her nutrition blog.

As a society, we are bombarded with information offering weight loss tips, the wonders of supplements, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin D, Calcium, phytochemicals, fish oil and exercise. We’ve heard about the problems with gluten, GMO’s, and food allergies. We struggle with shedding pounds that have crept up over the years and figuring out what foods to trust and who to trust. Karen Van Den Heuvel has been a Registered Dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition for more years than she cares to admit and teaches Human Nutrition at the university level. Her goal is to help you discern fact from fiction, leave you with some helpful tips, and periodically share tried and true healthy recipes — adding spice to your life in more ways than one. Most of the food and nutrition related photos are courtesy of Kay Stocking, some taken during her trips to Jerusalem and others during her travels within the United States.

With 2 grown children, one in medical school, and the other in graduate school, Karen lives with her husband, Joe Fischer, in Colorado.

Her debut romantic suspense novel, Hidden Bloodlines, was released on July 22, 2016. It is the first in The J.C. Classified Series. The second, The Relic’s Reach is in process.

She is available for speaking engagements and freelance writing. Feel free to connect with her at Karen@KarenVanDenHeuvel.com.