Low Calorie Alternatives Count

Food Choices
Food Choices

We’ve learned the importance of lean bellies, and one of the keys to successful weight loss – portion control. But there is something else we can do to expedite the weight loss process. Replacing high calorie foods with low calorie alternatives will reduce the time it takes to reach our weight loss goals. This article will provide some of those alternatives and the calories you save.Pike Place Market (6)

REPLACE: 1/2 cup green bean-mushroom casserole WITH: 1/2 cup cooked green beans CALORIES SAVED: 50.
REPLACE: 1/2 cup home-fried potatoes WITH: 1 medium baked potato CALORIES SAVED:65.
REPLACE: 1/2 cup potato salad WITH: 1/2 cup raw vegetable salad CALORIES SAVED: 140.


REPLACE: 1/2 batter-fried chicken breast WITH: 1/2 broiled chicken breast (with lemon) CALORIES SAVED: 175.
REPLACE: 3 oz prime rib (well-marbled) WITH: 3 oz lean meat (eye of round) CALORIES SAVED: 140.
REPLACE: 1/2 cup beef stroganoff WITH: 3 oz lean roast beef (or try a reduced fat recipe) CALORIES SAVED: 210.
REPLACE: 2 tbsp French dressing (bottled) WITH: 2 tbsp low-calorie French dressing CALORIES SAVED: 150.
REPLACE: 1-oz bag potato chips WITH: 1 cup plain popcorn CALORIES SAVED: 120.


REPLACE: 1 cup whole milk 1 cup WITH: 1% low-fat milk CALORIES SAVED: 45.
REPLACE: 1 cup sugar-coated corn flakes WITH: 1 cup plain corn flakes CALORIES SAVED: 60.
REPLACE: 1/8 9-inch apple pie WITH: 1 baked apple, unsweetened CALORIES SAVED: 308.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

REPLACE: 1/12 8-inch while layer cake with chocolate icing WITH: 1/12 angel food cake, 10-inch tube CALORIES SAVED: 185.
REPLACE: 3 oatmeal-raisin cookies WITH: 1 oatmeal-raisin cookie CALORIES SAVED: 125.
REPLACE: 1/2 cup ice cream WITH: 1/2 cup ice milk CALORIES SAVED: 45.
REPLACE: 1 danish pastry WITH:  1/2 English muffin  CALORIES SAVED: 150.
REPLACE: 12 fluid ounce cola WITH: 12 fluid ounce diet cola CALORIES SAVED: 150.


The choices we make in the foods we buy, how they are prepared, and what we consume can make a big difference to our bottom line — not only reaching our weight loss goals, but developing a healthier lifestyle. What alternative low calorie choices do you recommend?

TIP #9: THINK SMALLER. Use smaller utensils and dishes to help with portion control. Putting your serving size on a smaller plate makes it look like you are eating more food than you actually are.

TIP #10: AFTER EXERCISING EAT PROTEIN. In the last blog, Lean Bellies and Body Type, we learned that your body uses more energy in the digestion of protein. Studies show that consuming protein after exercise increases your bodies metabolism. Make sure the protein you choose is lean. I exercise every morning and eat 2 egg whites after to increase my metabolism. Egg whites have only 20 calories per egg. What would you choose as a high protein food after exercise?

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Lean Bellies and Body Type

There are 2 main body types: the apple shaped or pear. Which are you? Research shows that the apple is the more dangerous of the two because the fat is centered on your middle, where your heart, lungs, and various other organs are situated. Now we can’t control our body type — we’re born with it, but we can control how lean our bellies are.
There are a myriad of studies (check out the CDC) which show the dangers of excess fat around our middle. Here is the bottom line:

Women  with lean bellies are:
Women: Lean Bellies
Women: Lean Bellies
  • 57% less likely to die of heart disease
  • 69% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
  • 40% less likely to develop arthritis of the hips or knees
  • 12% less likely to have a stroke
  • 40% less likely to die of cancer
  • 21% less likely to experience arousal dysfunction
Men with lean bellies are:
Lean Bellies: Father (82) & Son (52)
Lean Bellies: Father (82) & Son (52)
  • 32% less likely to die of heart disease
  • 83% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
  • 63% less likely to develop arthritis
  • 32% less likely to develop sleep apnea
  • 45% less likely to develop cancer
  • 61% less likely to have erectile dysfunction

Measure your waistline. A woman’s waist circumference should be no greater than 35 inches (88 centimeters). Men should have a waist circumference no more than 40 inches (102 centimeters). In the United States, approximately $90 billion dollars annually is attributable to weight-related disease. Tax payers pay half of this cost through Medicaid and Medicare. Don’t be one of the statistics!

(Check out the previous tips: Tip #1 & Tip #2 in week one, Tip #3 & Tip #4 in week 2, and Tip #5 & Tip #6 in week 3).

Lean Bellies
Lean Bellies

TIP #7: CHEW. Take smaller bites and chew your food longer. According to a study published in the scientific journal Physiology and Behavior, it may help you eat less at meals. If you slow down and enjoy your food, your brain has more time to register the eating process. In short: Don’t take the term “slider” literally.TIP #8: EAT PROTEIN. This nutrient has the ability to raise the level of peptides in your stomach. These little peptides relay messages telling your brain that your stomach is full. Your body also expends more energy trying to digest it.

Do you have a tip to share?

(c) 2016 Karen Van Den Heuvel Fischer