When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bite with Kathryn Ross

cinnamon, writers, spice, fall recipes, editors, healing, manuscript
The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words
When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bite
By Kathryn Ross

I would like to introduce Kathryn Ross as my next guest on Thyme for Writers. Kathryn will be a monthly guest with her series, The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words.  Writer-speaker, Kathryn Ross, ignites a love of literature and learning through Pageant Wagon Productions and Publishing. She writes and publishes homeschool enrichment and Christian living books for home, church, and school. Her passion is to equip women and families in developing a Family Literacy Lifestyle, producing readers and thinkers who can engage the world from a biblical worldview.

When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bite
By Kathryn Ross
cinnamon, writers, spice, fall recipes, editors, healing, manuscript, pumpkins
The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words

Crisp fall weather invites us to visit pumpkin patches and apple orchards, filling baskets with the raw ingredients for our favorite Autumn treats. The scent of applesauce and pumpkin pie fill our kitchens and warm our hearts with lip-smacking expectation for when dessert will be served. The intoxicating aroma of ground cinnamon bark wafts through the air while these traditional goodies simmer in a pot and bake in the oven.

cinnamon, writers, spice, fall recipes, editors, healing, manuscript, pumpkins
The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words
When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bite

Cinnamon is an indispensable spice for fall recipes and has been a vital ingredient in healing remedies from ancient times. Historical records from China include cinnamon in every prescription used to treat a host of infectious ailments. In addition, cinnamon acts as a stimulant to enliven a weak heart, lift depression, settle digestive issues, and as a tonic for treating the common cold.

Add a little cinnamon bark to your writing with the healing nature of an editor’s bite.

The Story
cinnamon, writers, spice, fall recipes, editors, healing, manuscript, pumpkins
The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words
When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bit
Kathryn Ross

When we pour the raw materials of our story onto the page and stir it about, carefully adding the varied ingredients of our setting, character, plot, and literary elements, we need to taste-test with the help of a skilled editor. If you are seeking to publish, budget enough funding to pay a professional editor. Investing in a skilled editor prior to submitting to a publisher ensures your best work is put forth. Along the way, engage your writers critique group in the creative process.

The Editor

But, be aware—an editor may flavor your work with a pungent bite, just like cinnamon pervades whatever you add it to a with sharp zest.
You may wince at an editor’s advice when they red-line some of your pet paragraphs or favorite turn of phrases.

cinnamon, writers, spice, fall recipes, editors, healing, manuscript, pumpkins
Glass of Water
The Write Spice: Writing Tips for Flavorful Words

You may need to swallow the burn of raw cinnamon with a cool glass of water when the edit requires major plot shifts you had not anticipated.
You may grow weary of the tedious corrections of punctuation, point-of-view, and tense errors.

In the end, the sharp bite of an editor’s critique heals what ails your manuscript. You’ll have a healthy story ready for submission and be the better for it. Just as applesauce and pumpkin pie don’t satisfy without a generous addition of ground cinnamon bark, so too, your writing won’t be the best it can be without the generous critique of a good editor—the “write” spice for flavorful words.

Have you had a “spicy cinnamon” moment with an editor that made you wince at the sharp bite of their critique, only to ultimately swallow their advice and realize it was the best thing you could have done for your manuscript? Share what you learned from your experience.

You may contact Kathryn at:

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“Be blessed and be a blessing!”



Are you ready to continue to take it up a notch! I am! Part 3 is a continuation of our workout session and these ladies are doing wonders with me! As a book worm with limited athletic prowess, I never developed visible muscles. I always exercised whether it was hiking, dancing, swimming or playing tennis, but that’s pretty much where it ended. As we get older, strength training is important for our bones, balance, and overall fitness.

fitness, exercise, aerobic exercise, weights, body beautiful, weight control, weight loss
Team Diane Workout
Getting Fit – Take It Up a Notch

When I started working out with Diane and Karen, I was only at one pound weights. Although minimal, it was where I was to ensure I did not hurt myself. I am happy to report that I am now using 5 pound weights! Not only can you see my triceps, but my biceps and back muscles as well! Yes!! If I can do it, just about anyone can, but before starting anything new, please check with your physician to make sure you can. And if anything hurts, STOP IMMEDIATELY!

physical therapist, Diane Foley
Diane Foley, Physical Therapist

Remember the Rules of the Workout before you begin in Getting Fit – Taking It Up A Notch.

These next three exercises are a part of our current session written by Diane Foley, Physical Therapist.

6. Side Step On 8 Inch Step:
getting fit, weight control, bicep curls, lunges, tricep extensions, strength training, weight lifting, fitness, exercising
Getting Fit:
Side Step Up

Advanced: Take a side step up onto an 8 inch step with each foot. Slowly step down one leg at a time.

Newbie: Stand up tall, slowly lift one foot to the side and touch your toes on an 8 inch step. Slowly return to the beginning position. Work on your balance and progress to stepping up onto a low (3 to 5 inch) step.

7. Tricep Extension
exercise, workout, weight lifting, strength building exercises
Tricep Extensions
Taking It Up A Notch Part 3

Advanced: Begin by kneeling on the ground with your body balancing on your knees and your body bent slightly forward. Grab weights in each hand, place your arms by your side with your elbows fully bent. Weights should be up by your shoulders. While bent forward and keeping your elbows by your side, slowly straighten your arms extending the weights behind you. Hold for one second and return to the beginning position.

Newbie: While kneeling on the ground (balancing on your shins instead of your knees) and bending slightly forward, do the exact same exercise.

8. Lunge with Bicep Curl
getting fit, weight control, bicep curls, lunges, tricep extensions, strength training, weight lifting, fitness, exercising
Karen the Newbie
Squat Bicep Curl

Advanced: Begin in the standing position, holding weights by your side.. Step forward and lunge until your back knee touches the ground slightly. Push back with the front leg to the beginning position and switch sides. While lunging forward, bend elbows and curl the hand weights up to your shoulders. Bring the weights back down to the beginning position when you push your front leg back to the beginning position. If it is too difficult coordinating the arms and legs, then you can do the bicep curl between lunges.

Note: Be sure to keep the front knee in line or behind the front foot when lunging forward. Bending the knee past your front foot places too much stress on the knee and can cause injury.

Newbie: Perform the lunge with bicep curl as stated above, however, limit the amount of knee bend to tolerance and perform the bicep curls between lunges. An alternative to the lunge is the squat.

Stay tuned for the next exercises and ENJOY THE RESULTS!

What is your motivation?

The King and I with Diane Egge

I would like to welcome my next guest, Diane Egge on Thyme for Writers. Diane has had several poems, short stories, newspaper articles, and children’s stories published. According to Diane, she is currently being challenged by writing her first novel. Her frequently visited places include the back of her horse (especially in the mountains), behind the lens of her camera—still trying to take the perfect photo, playing the keys on her piano, or traveling with her husband to see their three kids and seven grandchildren.

children's stories, write, publish
How Many Cats Are in My Bed by Diane Egge
The King and I

by Diane Egge

God had Samuel anoint the young man, David, to be king over Israel. Being a shepherd and the youngest of eight brothers, I’m sure he felt awe, excitement, and confusion as to why he’d been chosen. Perhaps he had some unbelief also.

Thyme for Writers, Diane Egge
Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone
An Anthology of Wyoming Writers

God spoke to me that He wanted me to write. He said go to the local college and take creative writing classes. I did. I received all A’s, and I had some of my stories and poetry published. I had fun, and I loved to write.

David learned much about being a king by playing music in the courts of Saul. Then he proved himself as a warrior when he killed Goliath. Later, he led Saul’s armies into victory after victory. He seemed ready to be king.

God gave me a story to write. When I finished my first draft, I thought it was ready to be published. After all, God gave me the story, right? Wrong. I had not learned about POV, show not tell, and the many other things involved in writing a novel. I went into a season of revision.

When King Saul heard the people shout praises to the mighty warrior, David, he became jealous. He decided to kill his competition. David entered into a season of running for his life.

For both David and I, there have been obstacles and more obstacles. Even though mine haven’t been the life and death kind, they’ve still been discouraging. As the months turned into years, I’m sure David had some doubts about his calling, as I have. Did I hear you right, God? If this is you, why is it so hard and taking so long? Maybe I’m supposed to stick with poetry and short stories. After all, that’s what I’ve been successful doing. Success is the goal, right?

Yet, God’s answer to me is always the same. Write and get your book published. I’ve finally figured out it’s not so much about telling my story as learning to persevere and be obedient. David is my inspiration. He persisted until he became king.

Thyme for Writers, The King and I
Diane Egge

In spite of being stuck in revision, I still feel it’s fun to write. I’m thankful God has called me to create stories and put them on paper. Maybe this will be the year my manuscript gets published. If not, I will enjoy the journey.

You may either contact Diane or check out one of her works through the following links:

Facebook: Diane Egge Author
website: www.dianeegge.com

Single Mom Survival with Linda R. McCutcheon

I would like to welcome Linda R. McCutcheon as my guest today on Thyme for Writers. Her path to writing came about as she faced a new challenge in life — that of of single mother. Here is her story… . 


by Linda R. McCutcheon

Suddenly, I became a single mom with two young children. I was faced with going back into the workforce, healing my broken heart, and learning who ‘Linda’ really was. Many times, I was working two jobs, taking night school courses, and keeping the home together. Exhausted? You bet! Overwhelmed? You bet! Empowered? Absolutely. I didn’t think I would be single for twelve years and I had many discussions with God about that, but He knew best. Who would have thought I could take the battery out of the lawnmower, use a saw, or balance my little paycheck? I learned much from taking night school courses, but the most I learned was from the School of Hard Knocks knowing I could trust God to protect my little family. Keeping endless schedules, working full-time, and spending weekends alone were challenging. God kept saying ‘just hold on’. Because of that, the girls and I became a team. We still smile and talk about our family traditions. God did bring a wonderful man into my life because I trusted in Him to ‘hold on’. It was so surreal when my daughter and I were dating at the same time. Many days weren’t easy but hard work paid off.

Writer, Pen, Paper, journey, writer's journey, tips, write, author
Writer’s Tools

As a single mom, I began to put my thoughts on paper and little-by-little doors opened for me to publish articles for on-line magazines. I always have a piece of paper and pen handy because you never know when an inspiring thought might come! There was nothing more satisfying then to know I was encouraging and helping others as I told my story. I certainly didn’t know I had a gift for writing or how much I loved to express my heart through the written word. It was an amazing time for me to continue to heal and understand this new Linda. Because of my life experience, I help mentor women on-line, have a blog for single moms, and published a book to inspire those who are on the same journey. My greatest joy is knowing that God is using me to reach others all over the world reassuring single parents that YOU CAN DO THIS! and claim Isaiah 43:18-19.

Single parent, survival, writing, tools, tips, journey
SINGLE MOM SURVIVAL SUCCESS: Tools and Tips For The Journey

I have walked in the shoes of single parents whose path is tough, challenging, and many times downright frightening. These pages are written to encourage single moms (and dad’s) in their journey. For me it was the most challenging but most blessed as I choose not to be defeated. I share issues such as loneliness, grieving, contentment, making memories with the kids, forgiveness, and re-entering the dating scene. There are questions my daughters asked which will hopefully help in discussions with your children. You will find questionnaires to inspire and help as you move one step in front of the other. Hopefully this backpack of helpful tips can help you believe that YOU CAN DO THIS; not only survive but succeed!

Buy Links (e-book will be out in October)

1.Essence Publishing
2. Amazon.com/ca

Social Media Links

Bi-monthly Blog: www.singlemomsurvivalsuccess.com
Facebook: Linda R McCutcheon https://www.facebook.com/lindar.mccutcheon.1

Farmer’s Market Treasures for Italian Pasta Salad

recipe, pasta salad, veggies, organic, garlic, oregano, vinaigrette, vegetables, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, broccoli, corn, cheese, edamame, peas, carrots
Farmer’s Market Treasures
Miller Farms – Organic

There’s still time to take advantage of those farmer’s market treasures for a delicious Italian Pasta Salad. If you’re from the Northern Colorado area, you may want to check out the Longmont Farmer’s Market. It’s open Saturdays 8:00 – 1:00 through November. The Italian Pasta Salad can be made as a side dish, or a full meal. I tend to beef it up to a full meal.

Recipe — Italian Pasta Salad


12 oz. dry gemelli pasta in a pot of boiling water according to the package instructions. Drain, rinse with cold water, and drain again. Gemelli pasta is a thicker Italian pasta. You may substitute what you have, especially if you can’t find it.

For the Salad:

As a side dish

recipe, pasta salad, veggies, organic, garlic, oregano, vinaigrette, vegetables, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, broccoli, corn, cheese, edamame, peas, carrots
Farmer’s Market Treasures
Full Circle Farms – Organic
  • 2 cups seeded, chopped cucumbers
  • 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
  • 1 1/2 cups halved marinated green olives
  • 1 cup shredded Pecorino Romano (3 oz.)
  • 1/3 cup diced red onion (Feel free to use green onions.)
  • Add the cooked gemelli pasta

This side dish makes 10 servings (10 cups).

Beefed up as a full meal:

recipe, pasta salad, veggies, organic, garlic, oregano, vinaigrette, vegetables, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, broccoli, corn, cheese, edamame, peas, carrots
Farmer’s Market Treasures
Organic Broccoli

I omit the cucumbers and add:

  • peas
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • cooked fresh corn
  • Asiago or Cheddar cheese chunks
  • cooked chicken, tuna, or cooked shrimp
  • dry roasted edamame

Choose your favorites!

In a large bowl, mix the cold drained pasta with the vegetables.

For the Garlic-Oregano Vinaigrette:
recipe, pasta salad, veggies, organic, garlic, oregano, vinaigrette, vegetables, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, broccoli, corn, cheese, edamame, peas, carrots
Italian Pasta Salad
Garlic-Oregano Vinaigrette


  • 1/2 cup white wine vinegar (Feel free to use apple cider.)
  • 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil (To decrease the calories and add a little more bite, use 1/4 cup of extra-virgin olive oil and increase your vinegar. I usually add Balsamic vinegar to my personal serving but not the whole batch as a matter of personal preference.)
  • 2 Tbsp chopped fresh oregano (Use dry if fresh is unavailable.)
  • 2 tsp. minced fresh garlic
  • 1/2 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. black pepper

Toss whisked vinaigrette with pasta salad.

Enjoy this delicious and healthy dish! What are your favorite veggies to add to a pasta salad?

So Little Time to Conquer This Mountain with Candee Fick

writers, authors, resources, toolbox, encouragement, fun, romantic suspense, journey, writer’s journey, adventure, tips, direction, research, joy, funny, inspiration, thyme, time
Candee Fick author of The Author Toolbox

I am so happy to have Candee Fick as my guest today on Thyme for Writers! Candee Fick is a multi-published author in both fiction and non-fiction. She is also the wife of a high school football coach and the mother of three children, including a daughter with a rare genetic syndrome. When not busy with her day job or writing, she can be found cheering on the home team at sporting events, exploring the great Colorado outdoors, indulging in dark chocolate, and savoring happily-ever-after endings through a good book.

So Little Time to Conquer This Mountain

by Candee Fick

Most writers fall into the “I wish I had more time to write” camp while those lucky few who seem to have plenty of writing time are still members of the “My To-Do list never ends” club. The pursuit of publication or a writing career can seem as daunting and exhausting as scaling Everest, but every year thousands put their fingers on a keyboard…only to discover—or rather remember—that everyone has the same limited amount of time in which to get it all done.

And by all, I mean life. Take me for example. As a wife and mother, my days get filled with cleaning, cooking, laundry, homework, carpools, and sports. Relationships with family and friends require regular interactions and if I’m not taking care of myself with enough rest, exercise, and mental growth, I can fall apart quickly. Add in a day job and my calendar is stuffed to overflowing.

Except I’m also a writer with a coaching business. I dream up adventures and arrange words on a page in order to bring characters and settings to life. Once those polished stories are in the capable hands of my publisher, I do it all again. It might be easy to squeeze in an hour or two per day before the kids get up or in lieu of television in the evenings, but crafting stories is only one side of this mountain.

time, mountain, writing, perseverence
So Little Time to Conquer This Mountain

The other side of writing’s Everest is marketing. It’s the side that beginning writers don’t see in the excitement of starting a book, but soon the rumors swirl as old-timers drop words like social media, platform, website, tax deductions, book launches, and blog tours. The faint of heart stick their fingers in their ears, yell “Lalalalala,” and revise their first chapters again or jump from idea to idea, never finishing anything. Those who are serious about writing perk up and listen for tips about how to navigate the trail ahead.

The Author Toolbox

There are two main reasons that I wrote The Author Toolbox. First was to share what I’ve learned the hard way so newer authors can work smarter as they build their books, platforms, businesses, and careers. But mostly, I wrote it all down in order to give writers hope. It’s a long climb, but there is a way to get there and you are not alone in the journey.

If you know what the next steps of your personal journey involve, then you can deliberately and strategically focus your limited time on the activities that will move you closer to your goals. Your writing goal this week might be hitting a first draft word count or editing another chapter. You might even block out an hour to pre-schedule the week’s social media posts or organize office paperwork.

We have so little time available to conquer the mountains in our lives, but my hope is that you find your next steps…then take them. Because the view from the top is worth every moment of work.

You may reach Candee or obtain her works at the following links:

www.TheAuthorToolbox.com (shortcuts to a page on my site with the index of blog posts)
All of my books: https://www.amazon.com/Candee-Fick/e/B0056B94VE/
The Author Toolbox: https://www.amazon.com/Author-Toolbox-Practical-Platform-Business/dp/099920100X/

The Author Toolbox is filled with over 100 practical tools to help today’s author build a book, a platform, a business, and a career. Why? So we can get it all done while freeing up both time and mental energy to do the one thing we really desire…write.


Getting Fit – Take It Up a Notch Part 2 is a continuation of our workout series. I am still at it with these amazing ladies and we are all bound

fitness, exercise, aerobic exercise, weights, body beautiful
Fitness: Moving to the Next Level — Making a Difference

and determined to make me one hot mama by the wedding! I’m happy to share that a few family members who I had not visited with in a while commented on my triceps (never before seen with the naked eye). As a reminder, please make sure you speak to your physician before making any changes to your health care regimen, and if something hurts STOP IMMEDIATELY!

The rules of the workout are found in last week’s article, Getting Fit – Take It Up a Notch. You may need to make modifications based on what you have — feel free, even if it’s a 5 pound zucchini!

Fitness, workout, weights, weight control, body, weight loss, zucchini, routine, exercise, weight lifting, cardio
Getting Fit – Use What You Can, Even If It’s a Zucchini!
physical therapist, Diane Foley
Diane Foley, Physical Therapist

Since this is a continuation of the same workout, these exercises, written by Diane Foley, represent the next three stations in the series. Let’s get started…


3. Sit-Up Crunch:

Newbie: Lay with your hands behind your head, arms flat against the floor. With your legs bent, lift using your core muscles. Note — your arms are not lifting your head up, your core is lifting your head and shoulders. Pulling on your head not only does nothing for the core, but may injure your neck.

Advanced: Using a ball under your upper back, perform sit-up crunch as described above. Hopefully I can do this by the wedding… .

4. Flies on Ball

Newbie: For the newbie, flies are not done on a ball. Begin by laying flat on the floor with arms (holding the weights) straight out to the side. Lift the weights straight up util they meet in the middle. Weights may be as minimal as one pounders (that’s what I started with, but I’m now up to 3) or as much as you can handle.

Fitness, workout, weights, weight control, body, weight loss, zucchini, routine, exercise, weight lifting, cardio
Diane – Flies on Ball for the More Advanced

Advanced: Using an exercise ball under your upper back (a smaller one is better for those a little more vertically challenged like I am), (while holding weights) extend your arms to the side until they are parallel to the ground and then lift the up until they meet in the middle. Keep arms in line with the shoulders on this exercise.

5. Reverse Flies on Ball

For both the Newbie and Advanced: Using the same size ball as in the Flies on Ball, place the ball under your chest with your feet apart on the floor. To balance, distribute weight between your chest and feet . Start with your weighted hands to the side on the ground. Lift weights up so that your arms are even with your shoulders, hold a second, and take it back down. Go very light on the weights for this exercise.

Fitness, workout, weights, weight control, body, weight loss, zucchini, routine, exercise, weight lifting, cardio
Reverse Flies on Ball for the Newbie & Advanced

Don’t forget to warm up and stretch when you start and stretch when you finish!

What are your favorite stretches?